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I wrote a program to show all the films in Düsseldorf in the original languages on this page. Check it out!

Next hike on July 23rd! Check it out from this page! According to, the precipitation risk for 23.07. is 85%. The highest/lowest temperatures are 22 and 16 °C.

I moved to a new place! I'll organize a lot of things in my new flat so stay tuned!

July 16, 2017 Hiking in Witten!

Again, I'm starting off by telling a personal issue: I moved to a new apartment within Düsseldorf a couple of weeks ago. My new place was honestly a private apartment which was as dirty as the dirtiest students dormitory. The whole weekend was dedicated to the cleaning and now it is more or less okay. Now I'm just waiting for the company to contact me. Hopefully it's gonna work out. Otherwise it was for nothing that the apartment is clean now. The company, which is called Vonovia, has an extremely bad reputation here in Germany, for never caring about the tenants. So let's see what's gonna happen. Anyway, if it works out, I'll organize quite a couple of events at my place in the future. So please look forward to that. In the meantime, if you like, movies, board games, languages or cooking international stuff, let me know. I'll include in the mailing list.

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