About me

I started my life in a very ordinary family on the outskirts of Tokyo. At the age of 16 though, I went to Germany alone, and my life changed drastically since then.

After my bachelor degree in Göttingen, I went to France, to see a new world.

I like pretty much everything in the world. Not a wonder, because I like this world. I'm more like a person who cannot sympathize with all those old people who cannot get better from the hangover of their young ages. Anyway, since I liked this world that much, I decided to go back to Tokyo by bicycle, while being quite active in politics.

Now I'm staying in Lyon, France, on the pretext of Ph.D. but in reality, I'm doing whatever I want: physics, politics, music etc. Let's see what comes out of it.

About this site

Photos videos etc. taken from other sources are not directly remarked in text but by clicking on them you can access the original pages.

By clicking on the photo you can see the larger version and by clicking on it again, it desappears.

I try to put the same content for each language, but the most updated is English.