Here's the list of people who helped me a lot during my trip. It's a shame that I express my gratitude in such an insufficient way but here's at least a little bit of my thankfulness anyway

Couch hosts

Ben in Valence

Michel in Avignon

Fabrice in Saint-Maximin

Thomas in Antibes

Luca in Genoa

Pier in Cremona

Ana and Luca in Ferrara

Alex in Venice

Max in Trieste

Andrea in Pula

Boris in Zadar

Ivan in Split

A guy in Ballsh

Sokol in Librazhd

Tom in Kozani

Orestis in Thessaloniki

Fotis in Kavala

Vicky and her family in Komotini

Talat in Kesan

Gökhan in Tekirdag

Özkal in Istanbul

Ali in Istanbul

Umut in Istanbul

Cetin in Izmit

Ismail in Düzce

Adnan in Yanicaga

Arda in Ankara

Ayse in Ankara

Hakan in Corum

Yalcin in Samsun

Murat in Giresun

Natalia in Batumi

Marzena in Batumi

Soso in Gori

Joe in Tbilisi

Muhammad in Baku

Azim in Astara

Shahrokh in Talesh

Hooman in Rasht

Mohammad in ?

Danial in Qazvin

Ahmad in Karaj

Shadi in Tehran

Omid in Tehran

Armita in Tehran

Vahid in Tehran

Soroosh in Kerman

Albi in Shiraz

Ghazal in Semnan

Ahmad in Sabzevar

Foad in Mashhad

Diyako in Mashhad

Fire fighters in Mazdavand

A hotel in Andijan

Umar in Osh

Sapar in Massy

Irène and Simon in Bishkek

Yinghin in Hami

Chu in Luotuojuanzi

Tracy in Lanzhou

Jesse in Xi'an

Yanan and Boris in Nanjing

Wei in Wuhan

Xingyin in Shanghai

Lu in Yancheng

Andrew in Changzhou

Lucia in Jiangsu

Anna in Qingdao

Heechang in Seoul

Jay in Busan

Kumiko in Ube

Kazumasa in Fukuyama

Joel in Miyajima

Miki in Nagoya

Financial support

Date Type Amount
Shadi in Tehran Jan. 24, 2013 Donation 100 €
Shuang in Shenyang Feb. 24, 2013 Donation 50 €
Boris in Zadar Mar. 5, 2013 Donation 50 €
Abel in Leipzig Sep. 8, 2012 Lending 650 €

Other support

King Eduard of Northeim, for accomplishing whatever work

Burimi and his children (and his wife) for a great evening and letting me put my tent in the garden

... and not to forget my parents, who support me in every aspect of this trip. Thank you very much