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Next movie session December 15 "Striped trip (Polosatiy reis)"!

I'll be in Iran from Dec. 19 for two weeks!

Next hike on December 16! Check it out from here!

December 2, 2018 Hiking from Nierenhof to Hattingen and Christmas market!

And here's to you ... Mrs. Deutsche Bahn...

Well, whether Jesus loves it or not, people certainly do hate it, so did we today,..., again.

We saw a relatively dry November this year. Unfortunately, we saw its limit today. And so, there were significantly less people than usual. The difference with last year's case is that the weather was constantly bad there, so that people still anyhow turned up. But this year, it was fairly okay until last week, so we saw a strong drop today. Anyway, after finishing two bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau from 2005 and 2006 yesterday, it was certainly not the most encouraging moment for me either.

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Growing mushrooms with coffee grounds

The story began at my 30th birthday. I got a mushroom kit as a present, which was just a box filled with straw. According to its instructions, I was just supposed to spray once or twice a day so that the mushrooms can simply come out from the box and they can be harvested at some point. The first one came out, but I somehow didn't really harvest it. It dried out very quickly. After removing it, nothing really came out, but I didn't really try to figure out what was the problem, probably because I knew that this mushroom kit was designed to be used once and not quite like plants where you can give water and nutrients and they grow forever.

Still my interest grew and I wanted to know if there was a possibility of growing mushrooms myself, also because before getting this mushroom kit, I knew essentially nothing about growing mushrooms, except for this one thing that what we call mushroom is the waste product of what the bacteria eat in the soil/wood/straw etc.

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